This is an interesting presentation made by Florian Johannßen. The topic of presentation is: How to connect the Nao robots with the cloud to share knowledge among each other

Sparki is an open-source, Arduino robot designed to be an easy intro to programming, electronics, and robotics. By lowering the barrier to entry in educational robotics, ArcBotics hopes to ‘spark’ a revolution in educational robotics, lowering the barrier to entry and igniting a wave of hands-on learning. ArcBotics, a Cambridge-based educational robotics start-up, is launching

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This is the largest robot event held in Southern California each year, featuring demonstrations which include artificial intelligence, robot vision, speech recognition, a matter replicator (3D printer)

A humanoid robot is a robot with its body shape built to resemble that of the human body. A humanoid design might be for functional purposes, such as interacting with human tools and environments, for experimental purposes, such as the study of bipedal locomotion, or for other purposes. In general, humanoid robots have a torso,

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There’s nore potential here than with a horse. Don’t forget, this is an early prototype meant to showcase what Boston Dynamics and DARPA are doing. If this is sent into battle, it’ll probably be heavily armored. That means that it can take fire unlike a horse, and can be used as mobile cover in situations

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C-Link Systems has been delivering a range of robots for over a decade. Some operate in close proximity with people. I talked with CEO and Senior Engineer, William Lovell, about this and their latest robotic arm, the C-Link Systems M18 (Fig. 1). The M18 can be used in a stand alone configuration or mounted atop

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The iLimb is the first of its kind – a commercially available replacement hand capable of realistic motion

Introducing Matthew James, the boy with a bionic hand

Dr. Sangbae Kim and his team at MIT’s Biomimetic Robotics Lab are building a cheetah-inspired robot to compete with other fast running robots as part of a DARPA challenge

Meet Baxter, a revolutionary new category of Robot from Rethink Robotics that is capable of applying common sense behavior to manufacturing environments. Affordably priced, versatile and safe enough to work shoulder-to-shoulder with people, Baxter robots redefine how small, mid-size and large domestic manufacturers use automation to compete with manufacturers in low-cost regions of the world

A Japanese electronics company unveils its £900,000 robot which weighs four tonnes and is 13ft tall. The robot can be controlled by an iPhone and is fitted with a futuristic weapons system, including a gun capable of shooting 6,000 BB bullets a minute, set to fire when the pilot smiles

When conventional robots explore hazardous environments like rubble in the aftermath of an earthquake they usually get stuck and are lost. An amorphous robot with minimal structure could help in these situations… and be an excellent Mars surface explorer, too

This military robot can jump walls of 25 feet. The Precision Urban Hopper is a GPS guided remote controlled robot, which is fitted with a piston leg that enables it to overcome up to 30 obstacles 40 to 60 times its own size. Due to be deployed in 2010, it is designed for military use,

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NASA and General Motors introduce their new astronaut robot at National Air and Space Museum in Washington Smithsonian Institute

We not only face danger with tyrannical and egotistical power junkies… but we face danger with mechanical drones, and robotic warfare vehicles, and possible a new installment soon to come as android/terminator concepts of warfare machinery