Build A Remote-Controlled Robot


June 17, 2011Robotics BooksNo comments

NOW BUILDING YOUR OWN REMOTE-CONTROLLEDQUESTOR ROBOT IS:* MUCH EASIER THAN YOU THINK* VERY INEXPENSIVE* GREAT FUN* SIMPLE WITH THIS BOOKHere are all the step-by-step, heavily illustrated plans you need to build a full-sized, remote-controlled robot named Questor—without any advanced electronic or programming skills. It’s the perfect way to jump into the fascinating world of robotics and be part of all the excitement!Written specifically with first-time builders in mind, Build a Remote- Controlled Robot includes:* COMPLETE plans for building Questor* 100 detailed photographs of every stage of the assembly process* Simple-to-read wiring diagrams* A complete parts list—including valuable tips on where to find components easily and inexpensively Written by a teacher with experience enough to know what questions you would ask, this guide bypasses heavy-duty design theory and gets right to the heart of building Questor the robot—with an emphasis on having a great time while doing it.