Robotics industry on a rebound in 2012

Robotics industry is poised for another slam dunk year in 2012. The industry is predicted to outperform the results of the prior years. This is not surprising since all industries heavily using robotics are up and new market areas are growing. Food, assembly and automotive took off in 2010 and are continuously growing since than. In most applications and regions around the globe, the robotics industry can look forward to a very profitable 2012.

Automotive on the rise

Without a doubt, an automotive sector will be a locomotive of growth for the robotics. Automotive is extremely brisk, with new models of cars and other vehicles planned, new fuel efficiency standards, with new engines and transmissions. New technologies, new processes – all that ask for more automotive programs to retooled, redesigned or completely replaced and almost all of those processes heavily rely on applications of robotics. Expanding of automotive industry into new segments such as battery assembly and carbon fiber is another reason why robot companies will see the growth.

Searching for efficiency

More and more businesses, striving for better efficiency, are employing mobile robotics to intelligently move goods in and out production lines. In warehouses, robots are moving products from docks to shelves. In hospitals, robotics move goods from and around laboratories, such as medicines from pharmacies to nursing stations.

New markets

The robotics industry is has been developed and mature in the developed countries for a several years. Markets in the less developed countries are just starting out and are expected to see significant growth. Growth of robotics in the Brazil, China and India is heavily tied to the growth of the automotive sector and this sector should see exponential growth in 2012.

Notes of caution

Despite of many positive indicators of robotics industry growth and few negative factors that could slow down the growth. First is the fact that robotics has seen a steady growth for the last several years. The industry’s output of units has doubled  since 2009. Some think that the industry may be overheated. Robotics industry could also be negatively affected by the economic environment by factors that are outside of control of robotics industry such as health of the capital markets, stocks markets and overall global economy.