Robots will not take your jobs, they will create them


March 29, 2012GeneralNo comments

The notion that developing robotics industry will be reduce the number of jobs cries for criticism. Many see the use of robots as a threat to every job imaginable, especially those in manufacturing sector. In reality, contrary to popular belief, robots are actually job creators and not job takers. The truth is, robotics industry is not a threat, but an opportunity.

The mankind has so much demand for a high precision, highly complex tasks that humans just can accomplish. Here where robots can step in and serve its purpose for the benefit of a man. With technological advancement and increasing complexity of business processes, robots proved to provide a way for companies to increase productivity, safety and quality while remaining competitive. Robot industry just by itself is a fast growing job creator. Robot manufacturing companies, robotic system integrators are creating new job opportunities. Many of these jobs are technical in nature like mechanical and electrical engineers, computer software developers, technicians and electricians, tech support, training personnel and maintenance staff members. A lot non-technical jobs are created as well, such as positions in sales, marketing and management.

Last, but not least, robots are helping to save existing jobs making companies’ manufacturing processes more effective and businesses more competitive. In the short term higher productivity cuts jobs, but in the long term the leaner and more effective manufacturing that robots offer not only saves the jobs from a competition from lower-wage foreign competition but ultimately adds new jobs.

Robots are not to be afraid. Be flexible and open-minded towards robotics and new employment horizons will be opened for you.